Do w still play VTMR? What is going on?

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Do w still play VTMR? What is going on?

Post by Trogers2 on Mon Mar 25, 2013 2:47 am

Hey everyone,

It feels strange after all these years to be back here, but I wanted to let everyone know we still play VTMR on a weekly basis mostly on Saturday and Friday.

As Hamachi is no longer reliable you can find us on Tunngle which you can find here simple download and run it.

Once you have signed up and signed in find the VTMR room on the last page of RPG (on the side). You'll find of the time it is quiet in there and no one will say anything, a good habit is to try and stay in there for as long as you can, when you boot up the PC for example. Everyone is in one room so you'll be able to see when people come and go.

In regards to the KK/UK, I no longer manage or update anything in that area and will no longer seek out new members as before or plan games/look for games. Instead you'll have to do your own research, as of 2013 24th March we have three chronicles on going.

-London By Night (every Saturday at 1am GMT) /based on OWOD
-Lenoras - American game (every Friday 1am GMT) /Pure OWOD
-Phoebe hosts several mini games (more UK friendly times, throughout the month) /based on OWOD
-V hosts several games randomly throughout the month /no WOD content, basic VTMR.

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